Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cafe World Secrets: The Annoying Gifts

I bet you`ve come across other social networking games, so you know the habbit of giving and receiving free gifts from your neighbors. These gifts aren`t any special, you could buy them by yourself. But it wouldn`t be wise to buy it, if you can receive it for free. In Cafe World though, the gifts you give and receive break from this mold in several ways. They may actually be more important to your success in Cafe World than they are in any other social networking game that fits this same general mold, so don't be too quick to write them off just yet.

All of the items that can be gifted in Cafe World cannot be acquired any other way, and they give you a distinct advantage. These mysterious drinks actually consist of drinks, appetizers, and cookies, but when you serve them to your customers, you get extra coins for each customer in your cafe at the time they're served. In order to have those gifts which help you to earn more money, it`s crucial to have a lot of neighbors. Each of your neighbors will be limited on how many gifts they can send you within a certain time period, so the more neighbors you have, the more gifts you'll be able to accumulate.

Of course, you can't just expect your friends to keep sending you gifts at the earliest possible opportunity on a regular basis. They need to be getting something out of the deal, and they also may just need to be reminded once in a while. So you might want to be sending free gifts if you want to be receiving free gifts. Reminding yourself by sending free gifts to your neighbors is the easiest way. The best deal if made if youth sides benefit from it.

The benefit you get from the gifts you receive will depend greatly on when you choose to use them. You won`t get 5 coins per customer for the chocholate chunk cookies, if your customers aren`t seated in your cafe. You can easily count that if you have in your cafe 4 customers eating, you`ll receive in total for that gift only 20 cafe coins. The power of gifts is in timing - wait for 10 seated customers in your cafe and you`ll get from the same gift 50 coins instantly.

These details make it easy to see that, not only are gifts very important to the ultimate success of your cafe, but that you actually have a lot of control over how many you receive and how much of a benefit you get out of them. It's easy to just write off things like gifts as nice bonuses to get, but aspects of the game that are of secondary importance. You should think a little bit differently about gifts, if you want to get ahead in Cafe World.

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